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Camelids:A llama dam and her cria (baby llama).

South American Camelids are a small, but growing portion of our practice. Llamas and alpacas have become increasingly popular as fiber and pack animals as well as pets in recent years. Our practice welcomes these unique animals and offers our camelid clients the following services:

Wellness examinations: As part of their routine care, we recommend yearly wellness examinations that include appropriate vaccinations, parasite control, and foot care. Proper nutrition and dental care can also be evaluated during these exams. Body scoring is also an important part of an annual exam because camelids can be hard to judge if they are over or underweight.

Vaccinations: Every year, your camelids should receive their rabies, clostridium type C & D, and tetanus vaccines. We also may recommend West Nile Virus or Eastern Equine Encephalitis depending on an animal's individual risk factors. 

Parasite control:
Like all of our domestic species, we recommend monitoring your camelids for internal and external parasites. Camelids are especially prone to a type of meningeal worm which can cause paralysis and death, so proper parasite control is important.

Dentistry: Intact male camelids develop sharp fighting teeth which can cause severe lacerations in other animals. We recommend removing them at the gumline to prevent any problems. Older animals may need their incisors trimmed or their cheek teeth floated due to dental arcade malalignment. Camelids are also more prone to tooth root abcesses, so proper dental care is essential.

Reproduction: We offer pregnancy detection with our portable ultrasound or through progesterone testing. We will also work with you to help develop an appropriate breeding program and test newborn crias for adequate antibody levels.

Surgery services: We can perform such procedures as castrations, lacerations repairs or biopsies. More complicated procedures may be referred to a specialist.

Emergency services: We offer 24 hour emergency services for our regular clients. Our ambulatory vehicles are fully stocked to handle most medical emergencies. We can also refer you to a large animal hospital if necessary. 

Pigs:No Description

Our porcine patients often present us with a particular challenge. As our pig clients know, pigs are not fond of being handled. We see both pet and commercial pigs and our goal is to provide them with the same level of care as our dog and cat patients. We offer our porcine clients the following services:

Routine and sick examinations: Routine examinations can help your veterinarian identify and treat potential problems before they become serious. Foot care, tusk trimming, parasite control and vaccinations are all part of routine care. Pet pigs are often prone to obesity, so proper nutrition and exercise are important. We will also treat sick animals, although we may refer you to a specialist in some cases.

Vaccinations and parasite control: We may recommend different vaccinations based on the age of your pig and your management needs. Possible vaccinations are erysipales, bordetella, pasteurella, tetanus, leptospirosis and rabies. Parasite control is also an important part of maintaining a healthy pig. We recommend yearly fecal examinations and deworming.

Surgery services: We offer castrations for our male pet pigs.