Amesbury Animal Hospital

277 Elm Street
Amesbury, MA 01913


Livestock Services:

We offer routine and emergency care for our livestock clients. We see both dairy and beef cattle as well as small ruminants. Our livestock clients are both for-profit and for-pleasure, so we offer a range of services based on your specific needs.

For our dairy and beef cattle clients, we offer:

Herd health services:
We recommend regularly scheduled "herd checks" with a specific veterinarian who will work with your herd and your management needs. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of food animal production and provide you with the highest quality medical and surgical services.

Reproduction: Pregnancy testing is available on a routine or as-needed basis. We have a portable ultrasound machine to aid in early pregnancy diagnosis. We can also work with you to develop an effecient heat-detection program or synchronization program. 

Preventative programs: We will work with you to develop strong preventative programs that include vaccinations, parasite control, foot care and udder health as well as programs to prevent specific disease problems. We offer testing for regulatory purposes and can work with you to develop a properly balanced ration.  

On-farm surgery: Our ambulatory trucks are stocked with all necessary equipment to perform various on-farm surgeries such as castrations, displaced abomasum (DA) surgeries, fetotomies, cesarean sections, or laceration repairs.

Emergency care: Our clients can count on 24 hour emergency care. Please call us at (978) 388-3636 if you need our emergency services. 

For our small ruminant clients, we offer:

Wellness exams: We recommend yearly wellness examinations that include appropriate vaccinations (rabies, clostridium C and D, and tetanus), hoof care, and parasite control. Proper nutrition and other health issues can be addressed during these exams as well. If you are located out of our practice range, we can schedule a time for you to trailer your animals to our hospital for some services.

Herd health: Whether your herd consists of three animals or forty, we can work with you to develop an appropriate and efficient herd health program that can include pregnancy detection, OPP or CAE testing, udder health, foot care, vaccinations and parasite control. We also offer tuberculosis testing and health certificates as needed.

Surgery: We perform both routine and emergency surgeries including castrations, dehorning, cesarean sections and laceration repairs. Some procedures can be performed in-hospital.

Emergency care: As with all of our clients, we offer 24/7 emergency care. Please call us at (978) 388-3636 if you need emergency services.