Amesbury Animal Hospital

277 Elm Street
Amesbury, MA 01913



Our management team (left to right): Judy, Amy, Bobbie and Deb.

These ladies are the backbone of our hospital! They handle and oversee an huge variety of duties ranging from accounting to inventory to regulatory matters. Deb has been here since almost the beginning, and besides being a super sweet lady, she is always a wealth of information about animal care and husbandry. Bobbie and Judy have been here for over thirty years and Amy has been here for almost 20 years. Between the four of them, they keep us running smoothly and efficiently, handling any crisis  with their calm competance and friendly dispositions. We are very lucky to have such a fine management team!

Our certified veterinary technicians (CVTs): Michelle and Laura


Both of these ladies are invaluable additions to our hospital. Since not all veterinary technicians pursue further education and become certified, we are lucky to have three such technicians here. To maintain their certification, they must complete continuing education classes yearly to stay updated on various medical practices. Michelle is our Dental Queen and assists our veterinarians with all of our dental procedures. She is also one of our main surgery technicians. Laura is one of our Head Technicians and keeps our appointments and procedures running smoothly behind the scenes She is also one of our main surgical technicians. Jill joined our practice in 2018 with a wide range of experience in both small and large animal practices. She works both in surgery with our doctors and assisting with appointments. 

Our receptionists: Karin, Erin, Elisa, Hannah L, Lauren R and Marisa

  Pictures coming soon!

Perhaps one of our fabulous receptionists have greeted you in the past? These ladies are the front-runners of our hospital staff. They handle all aspects of client service and care and do so with grace and compassion. They welcome clients into our hospital, supervise an often busy waiting room, handle communications between doctors and clients, and manage all financial transactions - all without breaking a sweat. We are so lucky to have such a smart and saavy team out front.

Our veterinary technicians (left to right):  Alyssa, Lauren C and not shown -Sydney, Hannah B, Wyatt, Maddie, Kat, Molly, Kate and Cassie


Our fine technicians handle many jobs including treating patients, managing our in-house lab facilities and assisting doctors with a variety of procedures. They do it all! And they always do it with a smile. We depend on their competance and expertise on a daily basis. You might not always see these ladies when you come in, but you can be assured they are taking top-notch care of your pets. 

Our kennel staff and veterinary assistants: Danielle and not shown - Wyatt, Sophia and Lily


Danielle, of course, is the backbone of our animal care staff. She is the one taking care of all your pets while they stay with us. She makes sure everyone has clean, comfortable beds, fresh food and water and does a lot of our grooming. She has a special love for boxers, as she has one herself.

Our veterinary assistants do a little bit of everything - assisting doctors, working in our in-house laboratory, and any other odd jobs that need to be done. They are immensely helpful in keeping our practice running smoothly!