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Pet Health Insurance:

The doctors and staff of the Amesbury Animal Hospital believe that pet health insurance may help some families provide premium health care for their pets. Pet insurance can not only help pay for routine wellness care but also unexpected emergency situations.

The following is a list of pet insurance providers (in no particular order) to consider if you are interested in insuring your pet. We suggest reviewing each company and their options in order to select the policy that will best fit your family's needs. There are many different levels of coverage, depending on your pet's breed, age and health status. We recommend enrolling your pet in an insurance program as early in life as possible to avoid any lack of coverage due to pre-existing conditions. As opposed to human medical insurance, pet insurance does not dictate what veterinarian you take your pet to see or what procedures are performed. It simply reimburses you for veterinary costs, depending on their payment scale.

Pet insurance is a great thing to have! It will help you better care for your pet and we highly recommend getting it. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of us in the office.


Pets Best

2710 Sunrise Rim Road  Boise, ID 83705 (888)899-0402



P.O.Box 3306  Lynnwood, WA 98043-3306 (800)569-7913


Veterinary Pet Insurance

P.O.Box2344  Brea, CA 92822-2344 (888)-899-4874


Embrace Pet Insurance

4530 Richmond Rd, Cleveland OH, 44128   (800)511-9172 / (440)484-2260